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I am humbled and honored to announce these endorsements for my campaign. I have worked with and partnered with these community organizations and leaders:

Matt LaVere
Deputy Mayor

Mike Tracy
Ventura City Councilmember

Erik Nasarenko,
Ventura City Councilmember

Sabrena Rodriguez
Trustee, Ventura Unified Board of Education

“As a life long resident of Ventura, I am proud to endorse Kevin Clerici. I grew up on Ventura Avenue and know that Kevin will do an outstanding job representing all voices and interests of District 1.”

Mike Tracy,
Ventura City Council


“Kevin Clerici is my go-to guy to get things done in Ventura -- whether it's a cultural event, a student concert, or help cleaning up our parks. He can bring all the stakeholders together, listen to their ideas/concerns and build a collaborative team to get it done.”

Sabrena Rodriguez,
Ventura Unified School District Trustee


"Kevin Clerici is hard working, thoughtful, a critical thinker who is unflappable with a good sense of temperament and good humor with exceptionally clear communication skills. He sees the big picture and the minute details with a good dose of common sense. District 1 will benefit greatly from his service and leadership on the San Buenaventura City Council. Kevin has my full support."

Father Thomas Elewaut,
San Buenaventura Mission* (for identification purposes only)